Having a service agreement on office copiers, for many people has become a habit, so buyers may not even think about not having one.

With the smaller lower volume equipment it may not be to your advantage to take out an agreement, there may be minimum volume charges that you won’t even reach. Also in the era of the 3 year manufactures warranty, you may well not need one.

Don’t get confused by claims of 5 year warranties, when they are really 5 year service agreements. There is one good rule of thumb, if it costs anything it isn’t a warranty, it’s a service agreement.
Of course your 3 year warranty, won’t include toner, drums, waste toner containers.

If you use lots of colour toner, go for the service agreement, because you toner is included.

If you want to know exactly what is costing you to print or copy, same applies. If what you are printing or copying uses very little toner you will be paying for somebody else’s photos.