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Why We are Different

Brisbane based, family owned and managed Allmake has been selling and servicing office machines for 20 years.

We are Involved in All Aspects of the Industry; We Retail, We Wholesale, We Export and Import, We offer Relocation Services and Environmental Disposal Services.

We offer a Highly Personalised Service, Unmatched in our Industry. If you contact us with a problem you can be assured the person taking your call can help you and wants to do so., no call centres, no electrical voices, no numbered choices.

At all times we have at least 100 machines in stock, ensuring our customers a great choice of brands, models and prices. Almost all of this comes from finance companies (Repossessions and Ex-Rentals) as a result it is all modern equipment and all available at about one-third brand new price. We are also an Authorised Fuji Xerox Reseller so now Fuji Xerox machine also available from us.